Higher Education

For over 25 years, Cambridge Concord Associates has been helping institutions of higher education achieve their aspirations and build sustainable futures. Our experience spans the diversity of higher education: public and private institutions, undergraduate and graduate schools, liberal arts colleges and large research universities.

These are particularly challenging times for higher education in this country. The uncertain economy, shrinking funds for both public and private schools, and calls to simultaneously increase access, quality, and flexibility have placed great demands on faculties, boards, and administrations. Sustainability continues to be a major challenge for most college and university leaders. Meanwhile, technological opportunities have sparked an essential discussion about investments in virtual learning, innovative teaching and learning environments, as well as the physical and virtual spaces that will be needed in the future.

In order to shape effective short and long-term strategies for institutional strength and sustainability, leaders find they need to work closely with a wide range of constituencies. CCA helps to engage appropriate stakeholders, and develop strategic plans that leverage each institution’s distinctive nature, builds on its strengths, and positions it to realize its mission in the future.

Other practices include: