Health/Public Health

Cambridge Concord Associates has been working with health and public health related organizations since the founding of our practice. Our 25 years of planning and consulting in health systems, research institutions, medical and dental schools, health related foundations, community health organizations, collaborations and alliances, state organizations and programs, as well as a variety of national health and healthcare efforts, have given us a deep understanding of the current challenges these organizations face. As the country struggles with rising health care costs and the development of new funding models, significant changes in demographics, and access-to-care challenges, health systems, hospitals, medical, dental, public health and nursing schools and other health related organizations are going through dramatic shifts. Long and short-term plans, along with business plans that include well-developed metrics, are essential to enabling forward movement in a time of diminishing resources.

Leaders of health and public health organizations understand that they cannot accomplish their goals alone. Partnerships, collaborations, coalitions, and other cooperative approaches have become the norm. Fully embracing this direction, Cambridge Concord Associates supports these efforts and continuously seeks new ways to enable multi-organization and multi-stakeholder planning efforts to realize their aspirations. Effective communication that considers the range of stakeholder perspectives helps strengthen these efforts throughout and beyond the planning process.

Moreover, in today’s rapidly changing environment, organizations must have the capacity to respond to and even anticipate opportunities and risks both near-term and beyond. Effective governance systems support organization leaders in continuing to making effective decisions that ensure ongoing progress without slowing down the organization.

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