For 25 years CCA has been helping national, international, regional and local professional societies and associations as they plan for the future, build strong governance systems, deal with growth and other kinds of change, and collaborate effectively. We understand the complexities of these multifaceted organizations and appreciate the important role they play in the lives of their members and in the process of furthering their fields.

Strategic Planning: A well designed and implemented strategic plan that is owned by all constituencies, gives the leadership of any association a powerful tool — a framework for decision-making and a way to catalyze its members around a shared direction and goals. When appropriately aligned with the financial realities of the association, the plan becomes a way to leverage resources, strengthen current programs and services, and effectively invest in the future of the organization.

Governance Assessment and Design: Once the association has a good plan, it often recognizes the need to strengthen and evolve its governance system to enable forward movement and remove barriers to success. CCA has a strong track record in governance assessment and design for associations and professional societies all over the country. Our process is highly participatory. We help each association assess their governance needs, and look closely at what is working and what is standing in the way of success at this time in their history. We share information about best practices and other alternative options. Then, we facilitate a focused redesign effort, with thoughtful communication and outreach. The result is a system that is more agile and meets current and expected future needs as identified in their strategic plan.

Retreats and Other Services: CCA also works with professional societies and associations as they manage change, address critical questions and deal with an array of issues pertinent to their fields. We facilitate retreats, Board and staff meetings, and other large and small gatherings.