Science & Research

Cambridge Concord Associates has a long history of working with scientific and research organizations, and facilitating cross-disciplinary, national, and international discussions about the future of certain aspects of scientific inquiry in one or more fields. Our clients have included research organizations based at large universities, professional associations, academic journals, medical schools, and other scientific institutions. In addition, we support research consortia and coalitions looking to affect large-scale policy and funding changes.

Inquiry in the social and natural sciences is changing rapidly. Technological advances, an uncertain financial and economic environment, the rise of big data, demands for both open access and privacy, and so on, have reshaped the research landscape. Research-related organizations are faced with a range of evolving issues — training and workforce development, the need for national and international standards, changes in their fields and their relationships with other fields, etc. Many of these issues can only be effectively addressed through collaboration across organizations, disciplines, domains, and countries.

CCA helps researchers and their organizations to thrive in this complex environment. Whether the goal is to increase financial sustainability, develop a new generation of scholars, or find new ways to link research to policy and practice, CCA offers rigorous planning and facilitation services. We support our clients as they take advantage of emerging technologies, link their work with the broader international context, increase collaboration and communication, and ensure sustainable support for research projects and the infrastructures that are necessary to support them.

Other practices include: