Strategic Planning

CCA has a strong track record as strategic planning consultants for health and education related organizations and other not for profit entities. Over the years, our approach to planning has evolved significantly to address the changing economic and competitive environments in which our clients find themselves. Our plans are strong, strategic and succinct. They clearly address the specific challenges facing the organization and are appropriately linked to its financial realities.We also help with the process of establishing milestones, time frames and metrics to measure success over time.

CCA Principals and Associates are comfortable in complex environments and work closely with leaders from all areas of the organization – board, faculty, staff, young professionals and students. We take seriously the importance of helping the leadership effectively engage multiple stakeholders in the process. We do so because it has been proven time and time again, that such engagement results in the best plans. We also recognize that planning for the future should involve those individuals who ARE the future. With that in mind, we take great care to seek the involvement of younger  individuals, early professionals and students.

Increasingly, strategic planning is used to open multi-organization discussions. It is a way to build effective relationships between and among multiple organizations with common missions and/or goals, and as a way of exploring potential partnerships and initiatives.

Other services include: